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About Our Career Change Expertise

Our Career Change Expertise

Ultimate Resume Preparation Techniques

The crux of job hunting is the resume.
Therefore, our team will impart you with our ultimate resume preparation techniques over repeated discussions.

Life and Career Planning

Utilizing a planning sheet similar to those
used by Morgan Stanley and other major
foreign financial companies, we will construct a five-year life plan from a corporate career perspective.

Executive Company Research


Leave the hard work of researching the
various companies in your desired industry
to us. We will assemble a team to perform
this research, and provide you with a rating (5-level scale) for each company based on its standing. 

Master SPI (Synthetic Personality Inventory) Training

Most companies utilize interviews and SPI
tests. SPI tests feature questions on current affairs, mathematics, the Japanese language, and other subjects. We provide common
question lists and training support to enable more efficient test taking and higher scores.

Ultimate Interview Techniques

The interview is the most important selection tool used by companies when hiring. For
students who have trouble with interviews,
they are a significant stumbling block in the
job hunting process, regardless of the
students’ academic history.Learn the traits of people highly appraised during their interviews, which will give you insight into the secrets of successful interviewing and help you pass your own interviews.

A Collection of Informational Sheets for Job Hunting

We have prepared various informational
sheets on topics such as the curriculum
vitae, self-PR message (Japanese / English), and sample interview questions and answers. We provide all of these materials to enrollees in our Sparta Job Hunting Cram School.

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