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What is ExecutiveBank?

“Visualize how we will work in the future, with humans bringing vitality to companies”

Due to the development of AI technology, some are doubting whether
recruiters are really necessary. I believe this is because recruiters are not fulfilling the full potential of their actual roles. 

From my experiences with recruitment agencies and temporary staffing
companies, I felt that human resources companies fall short of what they should be. Utilizing this conviction and the network cultivated in human
resources and venture companies throughout Japan, I am setting out toprovide job opportunities for everyone in the country.

Masafumi Komotori
Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Philosophy

We provide great service that: we as employees can be genuinely proud of, will earn the love of our
customers, transcends time, and touches the lives
of our customers, employees, and society at large. 

1. From Satisfying Employees to Touching their Lives

Our goal is to make a company where every employee takes pride in their job, is comfortable financially, and has the freedom to make plans for his or her life.
2. From Satisfying Customers to Touching their Lives

We pay close attention to detail and constantly increase the quality of our services in order to provide continuous joy, excitement, and satisfaction
to every one of our customers.
3. From Satisfying to Touching Society

We will create a group that contributes to innovation in the human
resources industry, and a group and organizational structure that inspires society.

Our Promise to our Customers

We will assist you in reaching "your final goal" by
improving your business skills efficiently in a short
period of time

Promise 1: We will focus all of our energy on helping you achieve results. Our aim is to be a company you can trust.
Promise 2: We will serve you with all of our heart, and show our gratitude to you as a valued customer, without which our company would not exist.
Promise 3: We will provide services that meet 120% of your needs to
secure 100% of your
 satisfaction and trust.
Promise 4: We will honor our promises, respond to complaints with top
priority, and work to improve our company’s processes.

Promise 5: We will strive to maintain a pleasant and clean space so you
can learn in comfort.

Promise 6: We will take the time to talk with and offer suggestions to
every one of our customers until he or she is completely satisfied.

Promise 7: We will never abandon you, and we will guide you in a
direction that leads to results.
Promise 8: We aspire to be an organization that makes constant
improvements to the quality of its services.

Promise 9: We aspire to be a company that maintains an everlasting
loving relationship
with its candidates and clients, like a family.
Promise 10: We try harder every day, motivated by the trust placed in us by our customers .

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