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Sparta Job Hunting

At Sparta Job Hunting Cram School, we have established a training system where
individuals can learn everything they need to be become an executive, from the overall
design of different careers all the way to
company introductions.


At ExecutiveBank's internship we have prepared a training program contents that will
develop your business skills
such as English, IT, and sales.

Seminars for IT

We offer free English lesson seminars tailored to the IT industry. We begin with the
basics of English, and move
on to useful situational-based phrases. 

Service Overview

ExecutiveBank has established a recruiting system that fosters growth in both
companies and job seekers, and ensures their mutual satisfaction.

Three Features that Set ExecutiveBank Apart

Specialized Services

Our company is comprised entirely of veteran
consultants with strong leadership skills and
experience not only in Japanese companies, but
also foreign-owned businesses. Our president, for
instance, previously worked for Morgan Stanley

Finding employment is a milestone in one’s life, and we are here to provide the
career planning and other guidance necessary to become an executive.

Collaborative Language Education Services with Our Group


.Our subsidiary companies include the English language school Spartan English and
the IT service company Tech Family, allowing us to provide recruiters and job
seekers with low-cost English language services and IT-focused job-hunting support. This kind of value cannot be found with other


Support Our Clients' (Companies) and Candidates'
(Job Seekers) Growth

Our job doesn’t end when you are hired. True to our title of career consultants, our
support continues post-employment, and we will be there with you through your
career achievements and planning.

Our corporate consulting fosters strong organizations, and includes skill building
courses as well as recruitment and job consulting.

What does ExecutiveBank Offer you?

Consultation for
Changing Jobs

If you have any doubts about your current
job, think your job is not a good match for
you, or are suffering at your current
company, pleasecome talk with us.

Whether you enjoy your current company or do not, we’ll aim for a job that truly
satisfies you.

We Specialize in Bilingual

On our personal network, we connect
talented bilingual candidates to companies
and jobs tailored to their skill sets.

Even if you studied English, Chinese, or
another foreign language during a year-long working holiday, we kindly invite you to
reach out to usfor a consultation.


We regularly hold seminars, where we match companies that are hiring with candidates
that have doubts about their current job.

These seminars are perfect not only for
employment purposes, but also for those
who want to expand their network.

ExecutiveBank Service Flow from Beginning to Placement

  • 1
    Inquiries   (meeting)

First, please contact our
reception desk

  • 2
    Free Consultation

Come to our office to discuss
your situation

  • 3

Interview with your desired

  • 4

Employment upon the mutual
agreement of the company and

Message from the CEO

Masafumi Komotori
Chief Executive Officer

“Visualize how we will work in the future, with humans bringing vitality to companies”

Due to the development of AI technology, some
are doubting whether recruiters are really
necessary. I believe this is be because recruiters
are not fulfilling the full potential of their roles. 


From my experiences with recruitment agencies
and temporary staffing companies, I felt that
human resources companies fall short of what they should be. Utilizing this 

conviction and the network cultivated in human resources and venture companies
throughout Japan, I am setting out to provide job opportunities for everyone in the

Media Information

Published in a
April, 2017 

The English School (Sparta English)
was published in the April issue of the
magazine "PRESIDENT" in 2017.

We received a high reputation for being the only school specializing in speaking among
the short-term intensive English
conversation schools.

Appearance on
Nihon TV
『Matsuko Kaigi』
August, 2017

The English School (Sparta English) 
appeared on Nippon Television's popular
program "Matsuko Kaigi".

It featured the Sparta-style speaking
exercises that even 
allow beginners in
conversation to be able to talk in
three months as well as some actual
customers who have become able to talk. 

Appearance on
Nihon TV NEW24
『the SOCIAL』
December, 2017

The English School (Sparta English) 
appeared in the news 
"the SOCIAL".

It featured the school's philosophy of how to study, which is to overcome one's
weaknesses one must set a goal and
purpose to pursue.


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